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  <leader>01073nam a2200253 a 4500</leader>
  <controlfield tag="001">3450039</controlfield>
  <controlfield tag="005">20020415165056.0</controlfield>
  <controlfield tag="008">930128s1922    nbu          s000 0 eng d</controlfield>
  <datafield tag="035" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">(OCoLC)ocm27335851</subfield>
  <datafield tag="035" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="9">AWH-0897</subfield>
  <datafield tag="040" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">RQF</subfield>
    <subfield code="c">RQF</subfield>
  <datafield tag="043" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">n-us-nb</subfield>
  <datafield tag="070" ind1="0" ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">100</subfield>
    <subfield code="b">N27 no.18</subfield>
  <datafield tag="072" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">A500</subfield>
  <datafield tag="110" ind1="2" ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">University of Nebraska (Lincoln campus)</subfield>
    <subfield code="b"> Agricultural Experiment Station.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="245" ind1="1" ind2="0">
    <subfield code="a">100 worth while accomplishments of the College of Agriculture the past two years.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="260" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">Lincoln, Neb. :</subfield>
    <subfield code="b">Agricultural Experiment Station, The University of Nebraska,</subfield>
    <subfield code="c">1922.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="300" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">12 p. ;</subfield>
    <subfield code="c">23 cm.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="490" ind1="1" ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">Circular / University of Nebraska, Agricultural Experiment Station ;</subfield>
    <subfield code="v">18</subfield>
  <datafield tag="500" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">Cover title.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="610" ind1="2" ind2="0">
    <subfield code="a">University of Nebraska (Lincoln campus).</subfield>
    <subfield code="b">College of Agriculture.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="650" ind1=" " ind2="0">
    <subfield code="a">Agriculture</subfield>
    <subfield code="x">Research</subfield>
    <subfield code="z">Nebraska.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="740" ind1="0" ind2="1">
    <subfield code="a">One hundred worth while accomplishments of the College of Agriculture the past two years.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="830" ind1=" " ind2="0">
    <subfield code="a">Circular (University of Nebraska (Lincoln campus). Agricultural Experiment Station) ;</subfield>
    <subfield code="v">18.</subfield>
  <datafield tag="955" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">UIU</subfield>
    <subfield code="b">30112019713152</subfield>
    <subfield code="c">6759028</subfield>
    <subfield code="d">Oak Street [req only]</subfield>
    <subfield code="e">630.7 N28C</subfield>
    <subfield code="f">6</subfield>
    <subfield code="g">am</subfield>
    <subfield code="v">v.18(1922)</subfield>