Name Pronom Policy Summary Logical Extensions
411 411 is an obsolete proprietary file format for ...
Adobe Color Settings Format csf
Adobe Font List fmt/526 lst
Adobe Illustrator Artwork Format fmt/565 (16.0) ai
Adobe ImageReady Actions File Format isa
Adobe LiveCycle Designer Form Object File xfo
Adobe LiveCycle Designer Template tds
Adobe Photoshop Action File Format atn
Adobe Photoshop Document x-fmt/92 psd
AIF fmt/414 (1.2)
Apple Address Book CoreData Database (contact list) File Format abcddb
Apple Address Book CoreData Group File Format abcdg
Apple Address Book CoreData Info File Format abcdi
Apple Address Book CoreData Mail Recents File Format abcdmr
Apple Address Book CoreData Person File Format abcdp
Apple Address Book CoreData Subscription File Format abcds
Apple Disk Image fmt/1071, fmt/625 ( 4.2) dmg
Apple iPhoto Attributes File Format attr
Apple iPhoto .Data Files data
ASP x-fmt/138
ASX fmt/584
AU x-fmt/139
AVI fmt/5
BAK fmt/941
Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instructional Code (BASIC) File Format fmt/885 bas
BIN fmt/208
BMP fmt/119
Borland Font Format chr
Borland Graphics Interface bgi
CAB x-fmt/414
Canon RAW 2.0 Image Format fmt/592 cr2
ChiWriter Document x-fmt/309 (3), fmt/300 (4) chi
CHR ("character" / font) File Extension chr
ClustalW Multiple Sequence Alignment Format aln
CSS x-fmt/224
CSV x-fmt/18
CUR fmt/385
DATA / DAT File Extension data, dat
DB ("database") File Extension db
DJVU fmt/255
DLL x-fmt/411
DNG fmt/730 (1.4)
DOC fmt/412 (2007 onwards)
DOS Batch File Format x-fmt/413 bat
DOS Executable com
DS_STORE fmt/394 Can be deleted.
DWG fmt/531
Dynamic-Link Library (Windows) drv, ocx, dll
EML fmt/278
EPS fmt/124 (3)
Executable and Linkable Format fmt/688, fmt/689, fmt/690, fmt/691 ko, puff, prx, bin, axf, mod, so, o, elf
EXE Family of Executable Formats exe, 386, dll, cpl, drv, scr, efi, ocx, sys, vxd
Extended Forms Description Language (XFDL) Document xfd
Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) Packet fmt/570 xmp
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Format x-fmt/281 xsl
Fasta Sequence Alignment Format fsa, seq, fa, fasta
FastQ Sequence Alignment Format fastq
FLV x-fmt/382
FRM File Extension frm
FRX fmt/377
GIF fmt/4 (89a)
GZip Format x-fmt/266 gz
HLP fmt/474
HTML fmt/471 (5)
ICO x-fmt/418
INDD x-fmt/450 (Generic)
INF x-fmt/420
Java Archive Format x-fmt/412 jar
JPEG fmt/44 (1.02)
JPEG 2000 x-fmt/392
JS x-fmt/423
Kodak Photo CD File Format fmt/211 pcd
Linear Executable exe, 386, dll, sys, vxd
Local Shared Objects sol
LOG x-fmt/62
M4V fmt/199
Macintosh PICT Image x-fmt/80 (1.0), fmt/341 ( 2.0) pct, pic, pict
Macintosh Resource File Format rsrc
Mac OS X Dynamic Library dylib
Mac OS X Icon Format icns
Mac OS X Mach Object (Mach-O) File Format o, dylib, bundle
Mac OS X Strings File Format strings
Mathcad Document fmt/931 (Binary) mcd, mct, hbk
MATLAB Scripts and Functions File m
MBOX fmt/720
Microsoft Office Document Imaging File Format fmt/881 mdi
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders File Format x-fmt/248 (ANSI), x-fmt/249 (Unicode) pst
Microsoft PowerPoint Packaged Presentation x-fmt/216 ppz
Microsoft Power Point Presentation fmt/126 (1997 - 2003) ppt, pps
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation for Windows fmt/215 (2007 +) pptx
Microsoft VisualBasic Application Wizard Launch File vbz
Microsoft VisualBasic Form frm
Microsoft VisualBasic Project File vbproj, mak, vbp
Microsoft Visual Studio Solutions File sln
Microsoft Word for Macintosh Document x-fmt/65 (5.0) mcw, msw
MOV x-fmt/384
MP3 fmt/134
MPEG-4 Media File fmt/199 mp4, m4a, m4v, f4v, f4a
MS-DOS Executable x-fmt/409 exe
MySQL Table Data Format myd
MySQL Table Definition Format fmt/868 frm
MySQL Table Index Format mvi
NEF fmt/202
New Executable x-fmt/410 exe, dll, cpl, drv, scr
NeXT Interface Builder File Format fmt/983 nib
Object File Format obj, o
Objective-C mm, h, m
OpenDocument Presentation fmt/293 (1.2), fmt/292 (1.1), fmt/138 (1.0) odp, otp
OpenDocument Spreadsheet fmt/295 (1.2), fmt/294 (1.1), fmt/137 (1.0) ods, odt
OpenDocument Text fmt/291 (1.2), fmt/290 (1.1), fmt/136 (1.0) odt, ott
OPT ("options") File Extension opt
PC Musician Audio File Format sng
PDF fmt/276 (1.7)
PFB fmt/525
Picture Exchange File Format pcx, pcc
Portable Executable x-fmt/411, fmt/899, fmt/900 sys, scr, ocx, efi, cpl, dll, exe
Portable Network Graphics fmt/13 (1.2) png
Property List (Binary) fmt/984 (Binary) plist
Property List (XML) fmt/979 (XML) plist
PS fmt/501 (3.1)
PTC Mathcad / Mathcad Prime Document fmt/932 (XML) mcdx, xmcd, xmct, xmcdz
Ribosomal Database Project Alignment Editor File Format ae, ae2
Rich Text Format fmt/355 (1.9) rtf
SAV fmt/638
SCR File Extension scr
SYS x-fmt/411
TAR x-fmt/265
TBK fmt/470
Temporary Database File Format tbd
Text-Based Configuration File x-fmt/421 cfg, conf, ini
TIFF fmt/353 TIFF is the library's trusted file format for t...
Touchstone (frequency-domain) File Format s4p, s3p, s2p, s1p
TTF x-fmt/453
TXT x-fmt/111
UNIDENTIFIED [.amp files] amp
UNIDENTIFIED [Compact Disc Interactive (CDI) files: .6in, .6tx, .6r7, .6mc, .6c4] 6in, 6c4, 6mc, 6r7, 6tx
UNIDENTIFIED [.comp files] comp
UNIDENTIFIED [.gr, .graph files] gr, graph
UNIDENTIFIED [.lst files] lst
UNIDENTIFIED [.map, .csf files] csf, map
UNIDENTIFIED [.m files] m
UNIDENTIFIED [.o files] o
WAV fmt/6
Wavefront 3D Object Modeling Format obj
Wavefront Material Definitions File Format mtl
WMA fmt/132
WMV fmt/133
WordPerfect Document x-fmt/44 (6.0), fmt/892 (6 onwards ), x-fmt/203 (5.2), x-fmt/394 (5.1), x-fmt/393 (5.0), fmt/949 (4.0 - 4.2) wpd, wp, mwp, pcwp, doc
Xcode Interface Builder File Format xib
XLSX fmt/214 (2007 onwards)
XML fmt/101 (1.0)
ZIP x-fmt/263