Name Pronom Policy Summary Logical Extensions
000 File Extension 000
ABBYY FineReader Data File (FRDAT) frdat
ABBYY FineReader Page Data File (FRF) frf
Active Server Pages Script File x-fmt/138 asp
Adobe ColdFusion Markup Language File cfm, cfc, cfml
Adobe Color Settings Format csf
Adobe Font List fmt/526 lst
Adobe Illustrator Artwork Format fmt/565 (16.0) ai
Adobe ImageReady Actions File Format isa
Adobe InDesign Document (INDD) x-fmt/450 (Generic) indd
Adobe LiveCycle Designer Form Object File xfo
Adobe LiveCycle Designer Template tds
Adobe Photoshop Action File Format atn
Adobe Photoshop Document x-fmt/92 psd
Adobe Printer Font Binary File (PFB) fmt/525 pfb
Advanced Audio Coding Stream (AAC) aac
Alias/Autodesk Maya 3D Scene ASCII File (MA) fmt/863 ma
Alias/Autodesk Maya 3D Scene Binary File (MB) fmt/861 (32-bit), fmt/862 (64-bit) mb
Alias/Autodesk Maya 3D Shading Swatch File swatch
Ami Pro Document (sam) x-fmt/191 sam
Apple Address Book CoreData Database (contact list) File abcddb
Apple Address Book CoreData Group File abcdg
Apple Address Book CoreData Info File abcdi
Apple Address Book CoreData Mail Recents File abcdmr
Apple Address Book CoreData Person File abcdp
Apple Address Book CoreData Subscription File abcds
Apple Disk Image fmt/1071, fmt/625 ( 4.2) dmg
Apple iPhoto / Aperture Master File apmaster
Apple iPhoto / Aperture Version File apversion
Apple iPhoto Attributes File Format attr
Apple iPhoto .Data Files data
Apple iTunes M4V Video fmt/199 m4v
Apple Mail Format Attached File (EMLXPART) emlxpart
Apple Mail Format (EMLX) emlx
Apple Safari Web History File webhistory
Audacity Audio Data Block File (AU) au
Audacity Project File (AUP) aup
Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) fmt/414 (1.2) aif
Audio Video Interleave (AVI) fmt/5 avi
AutoCad Drawing Format (DWG) fmt/531 (2013/2014), fmt/21 (1.0) dwg, bak, dws, dwt
AUX File Extension aux
BAK Generic "Backup" File Extension fmt/941 bak
Basic Coding Language fmt/885 bas
Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instructional Code (BASIC) File Format fmt/885 bas
BIN Generic "Binary" File Extension fmt/208 bin
BLOG Custom File Extension blog
Borland Font Format chr
Borland Graphics Interface bgi
Camera Image (aka, Canon Raw 1.0) File Format fmt/593 crw
Canon Raw 2.0 Image File Format fmt/592 cr2
CaptureOne Metafiles Burn them with fire, they're garbage cof, cos, cop, cot
Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) x-fmt/224 css
CAT File Extension cat
ChiWriter Document x-fmt/309 (3), fmt/300 (4) chi
CHR (Character / Font) File Extension chr
ClustalW Multiple Sequence Alignment Format aln
CNT File Extension cnt
Comma Separated Values (CSV) x-fmt/18 csv
ContentDM Compound Object XML Wrapper (CPD) cpd
C Programming Language c, h
CVS RCS History Version Files (,v)
DATA / DAT File Extension data, dat
dBase Table File Format (DBF) x-fmt/8 (II), x-fmt/9 (III), x-fmt/10 (IV), x-fmt/271 (III+), x-fmt/272 (V) dbf
DB Generic "Database" File Extension db
Digidesign / Avid Pro Tools Format ptx, wfm, tfx, pts, ptf
Digidesign / Avid Pro Tools Session File pts, ptf, ptx
Digidesign / Avid Pro Tools TFX Plug-in Setting File tfx
Digidesign / Avid Pro Tools WaveCache File wfm
Digital Negative Format (DNG) fmt/730 (1.4) dng
DjVu Document Format fmt/255 djvu, djv
DOC File Extension doc
DOS Batch Script File (BAT) x-fmt/413 bat
DOS "COM" Executable com
DOS Program Information File (PIF) pif
DPF Reader LINES File lines
DVD Video Manager Information File (IFO) x-fmt/419 ifo
DVD Video Object (VOB) fmt/425 vob
Email File Extensions pst, eml, emlx, mbox, mbx, dbx, mbs, snm, tbb, msb, msg, mht
Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) fmt/124 (3) eps
Executable and Linkable Format fmt/688 (32bit Little Endian), fmt/689 (32bit Big Endian), fmt/690 (64bit Little Endian), fmt/691 (64bit Big Endian) elf, o, so, mod, axf, bin, prx, puff, ko
EXE Executable Format Family exe, 386, dll, cpl, drv, scr, efi, ocx, sys, vxd
Extended Forms Description Language (XFDL) Document xfd, xfdl
Extensible 3D Graphics Format (X3D) fmt/579 (3.0), fmt/580 (3.1), fmt/581 (3.2), fmt/582 (3.3) x3d, x3dv, x3db, x3dz, x3dbz, x3dvz
Extensible Markup Language (XML) fmt/101 (1.0) xml
Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) Packet fmt/570 (XMP Packet), fmt/986 (XMP Format) xmp
Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Format x-fmt/281 xsl
Fasta Sequence Alignment Format fasta, fa, seq, fsa
FastQ Sequence Alignment Format fastq
FIL File Extension fil
FON File Extension fon
Fortran Coding Language fmt/879 f, for, f90
FRM File Extension frm
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) fmt/4 (89a) gif
GZip Compression Format x-fmt/266 gz
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) fmt/471 (5) htm, html
IBM PC EGA Display Font File (CPI) cpi
IBM PhotoMotion Video v
ICC Color Management Profile Configuration File (ICM) icm
INF File Extension x-fmt/420 inf
Internet Message Format (EML) fmt/278 eml
Java Archive Format (JAR) x-fmt/412 jar
Javascript x-fmt/423 js, txt
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) fmt/817 json
JPEG fmt/44 (1.02) jpeg, jpg
JPEG 2000 x-fmt/392 jp2, jpf, j2k
Kodak Photo CD Format fmt/211 pcd
Leica Microscope XML Metadata Sidecar Files anx, eax, sbx, cal
LIB Generic "Library" File Extension lib
Linear Executable exe, 386, dll, sys, vxd
LNK Generic "Link" File Extension link
LOCK File lock
LOG Generic "Logfile" File Extension x-fmt/62 log
Lotus 1-2-3 Chart (PIC) x-fmt/82 pic
Lotus 1-2-3 Worksheet File Format x-fmt/117 (1.0), x-fmt/114 (2.0), x-fmt/115 (3.0), x-fmt/116 (4-5) wks, wk1, wk2, wk3, wk4, 123
LST Generic "List" File Extension lst
LTR File Extension ltr
Macintosh PICT Image x-fmt/80 (1.0), fmt/341 ( 2.0) pct, pic, pict
Macintosh Resource File Format rsrc
Mac OS X AppleDouble (Resource Fork) Format fmt/503 (2), fmt/966 (1) _, frk
Mac OS X Desktop Service Store File fmt/394 Can be deleted. DS_Store
Mac OS X Dynamic Library dylib
Mac OS X Icon Format icns
Mac OS X Mach Object (Mach-O) Format o, dylib, bundle
Mac OS X Strings File Format strings
Macromedia / Adobe Director (Shockwave) Format fmt/486 (Director Compressed Resource - .dcr), fmt/317 (Director - Macintosh), x-fmt/341 (Director - PC) See Related File Formats for individual policy ... exe, dir, dcr, dxr, cst, cxt, cct
Macromedia / Adobe Director (Shockwave) Protected Movie fmt/341 (Director - Macintosh), x-fmt/341 (Director - PC) Director protected movies (.DXR) are compressed... dxr
Macromedia / Adobe Director (Shockwave) Windows Projector Director projectors are Windows or Mac run-time... exe
Macromedia / Adobe Flash Action Message Format sol
Macromedia / Adobe Shockwave Flash Small Web Format (SWF) fmt/104 (1), fmt/105 (2), fmt/106 (3), fmt/107 (4), fmt/108 (5), fmt/109 (6), fmt/110 (7), fmt/505 (8), fmt/506 (9), fmt/507 (10), fmt/757 (11), fmt/758 (12), fmt/759 (13), fmt/760 (14), fmt/761 (15), fmt/762 (16), fmt/763 (17), fmt/764 (18), fmt/765 (19), fmt/766 (20), fmt/767 (21), fmt/768 (22), fmt/769 (23), fmt/770 (24), fmt/771 (25), fmt/772 (26), fmt/773 (27), fmt/774 (28), fmt/775 (29), fmt/776 (30) swf
Macromedia / Adobe Shockwave Flash Video (FLV) x-fmt/382 flv
MakeMusic Finale Music Notation File (MUS) mus
MARC Record mrc, marc
Markdown files (.md) fmt/1149 md
Mathcad Document fmt/931 (Binary) mcd, mct, hbk
MATLAB Scripts and Functions File m
Mbox Email Archive Format Family fmt/720 mbox, mbx
MD5 Checksum Manifest fmt/993 md5
M File Extension m
Microsoft Animated Cursor Format (ANI) fmt/386 ani
Microsoft Compiled HTML Help File (CHM) chm
Microsoft Excel Binary Spreadsheet 97-2007 (XLS) fmt/62 (8X), fmt/61 (8), fmt/59 (5/95) xls
Microsoft Excel Non-XML Binary Spreadsheet 2007 (XLSB) fmt/595 (2007 onwards) xlsb
Microsoft Office Document Imaging Format (MDI) fmt/881 mdi
Microsoft Office Open XML Document (DOCX) fmt/189 (OOXML family), fmt/412 (2007 onwards) docx
Microsoft Office Open XML Presentation (PPTX) fmt/215 (2007 onwards), fmt/189 (OOXML family) pptx
Microsoft Office Open XML Spreadsheet (XLSX) fmt/214 (2007 onwards), fmt/189 (OOXML family) xlsx
Microsoft Outlook Express Message Database Format (DBX) fmt/838 dbx
Microsoft Outlook Item (MSG) msg
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders File Format x-fmt/248 (ANSI), x-fmt/249 (Unicode) pst
Microsoft PowerPoint Binary Presentation 97-2007 (PPT) fmt/126 (97-2003) ppt, pps
Microsoft PowerPoint Packaged Presentation (PPZ) x-fmt/216 ppz
Microsoft VisualBasic Application Wizard Launch File vbz
Microsoft VisualBasic Binary Form (FRX) frx
Microsoft VisualBasic Component Files bas, res, dob, ctl, pag, ocx, cls, frm
Microsoft VisualBasic Project File vbp, mak, vbproj
Microsoft VisualBasic Window File vbw
Microsoft Visual Studio Solutions File sln
Microsoft Windows Cabinet File (CAB) x-fmt/414 cab
Microsoft Windows CatRoot System Files cbd, cbk, cat
Microsoft Windows Cursor Image File (CUR) fmt/385 cur
Microsoft Windows Dynamic-Link Library (DLL) dll, ocx, drv
Microsoft Windows Help File (HLP) fmt/474 hlp
Microsoft Windows Help Global Index File (GID) gid
Microsoft Windows Icon Image File (ICO) x-fmt/418 ico
Microsoft Windows Media Metafile fmt/584 asx, wax, wvx, wmx
Microsoft Windows Metafile Image (WMF, WMZ) x-fmt/119 (Uncompressed) wmz, wmf
Microsoft Windows System File Extensions cpe, nls, wbm, sfc, sf0, pnf, tlb, ind, idf, dls, kbd, rra, 1st, swp, pwl
Microsoft Windows Text-Based Configuration File x-fmt/421 cfg, conf, ini
Microsoft Word Binary Document 6.0/95 (DOC) fmt/39 (6.0/95) doc
Microsoft Word Binary Document 97-2007 (DOC) fmt/40 Tentative: Recommend normalization to a modern ... doc
Microsoft Word for Macintosh Document x-fmt/65 (5.0) mcw, msw
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet (WKS, XLR) fmt/166 (1-5), fmt/901 (6-9), fmt/270 (3 for Mac), fmt/270 (4 for Mac) wks, xlr
MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Documents (MHTML) htm
Modula-3 Coding Language i3, m3
MPEG-2 Program Stream (MPG, MPEG) x-fmt/386 mpg, mpeg
MPEG-4 Part 14 Multimedia Container Format (MP4) fmt/199 (1 & 2) mp4, m4a, m4v, f4v, f4a
MPEG Layer III Audio File (MP3) fmt/134, x-fmt/279 (Streaming) mp3
MRK File Extension mrk
MS-DOS MZ Executable x-fmt/409 exe
MusicXML Notation File fmt/896 xml, mxl, musicxml
MySQL Table Data Format myd
MySQL Table Definition Format fmt/868 frm
MySQL Table Index Format myi
New Executable x-fmt/410 exe, dll, cpl, drv, scr
NeXT Interface Builder File Format fmt/983 nib
Nikon Electronic Format fmt/202 nef, nrw
Objective-C m, h, mm
O, OBJ Generic "Object" File Extensions obj, o
OpenDocument Presentation fmt/293 (1.2), fmt/292 (1.1), fmt/138 (1.0) odp, otp
OpenDocument Spreadsheet fmt/295 (1.2), fmt/294 (1.1), fmt/137 (1.0) ods, odt
OpenDocument Text fmt/291 (1.2), fmt/290 (1.1), fmt/136 (1.0) odt, ott
OpenType Font File (OTF) fmt/520 otf
OPT Generic "Options" File Extension opt
PaperPort Thumbnail File These files were created in the PaperPort docum...
PaperPort Thumbnail File These files were created in the PaperPort docum... ptn
PaperPort Thumbnail File These files were created in the PaperPort docum...
Pascal Coding Language pp, p, pas, inc
PC Musician Composition Format sng
Picture Exchange File Format fmt/90 (5) pcx, pcc
Plain Text File (TXT) x-fmt/111 txt
Portable Document Format (PDF) fmt/276 (1.7) pdf
Portable Executable x-fmt/411, fmt/899, fmt/900 exe, dll, cpl, efi, ocx, scr, sys
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) fmt/13 (1.2) png
PostScript Page Description Language Family fmt/501 (3.1) ps
Property List (Binary) fmt/984 (Binary) plist
Property List (XML) fmt/979 (XML) plist
PTC Mathcad / Mathcad Prime Document fmt/932 (XML) mcdx, xmcd, xmct, xmcdz
QuickTime File Format (QT, MOV) x-fmt/384 mov, qt
Raw Binary Disk Image (IMG) img
RDP (Ribosomal Database Project) Alignment Editor Format ae, ae2
RealMedia Multimedia Container Format (RM) x-fmt/190 rm
Rich Text Format (RTF) fmt/355 (1.9) rtf
Samba Trivial Database File (TDB) tdb
SCR File Extension scr
Script Application Language for Telix (SALT/SLT) slt
Server Side Includes Script (SHTML) stm, shtml, shtm
Silicon Graphics Image Format (SGI, RGB) x-fmt/140 sgi, rgb, rgba, bw, int, inta
SlideWrite "Library Diskette" File Extensions [Unidentified] fg, ct, bt
Software Analysis System (SAS) Source and Output Files fmt/1015 (Data - Windows - Generic), fmt/1023 (Catalog - Windows - Generic), x-fmt/355 (Data) sas
Sony Mavica Thumbnail Image Format 411 is an obsolete proprietary file format for ... 411
Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Binary Data File Format fmt/638 sav
Steinberg WaveLab Audio Peak Files (GPK) gpk
Sun Microsystems / NeXT Audio File Format x-fmt/139 au
SYS File Extension x-fmt/411 sys
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) fmt/353 TIFF is the library's trusted file format for t... tif, tiff
Tape Archive "Tarball" (TAR) x-fmt/265 tar, gz
TeX Font Metric Format (TFM) tfm
TeX/LaTeX Device Independent Document (DVI) fmt/160 dvi
TeX/LaTeX Document Markup Language (TEX) fmt/280 (Master document), fmt/281 (Subdocument) tex
TeX Packed Bitmap Font File (PK) pk
TMP Generic "Temporary" File Extension tmp
Toolbook E-Learning Project File fmt/470 tbk
Touchstone Frequency-Domain Data File (SnP) s1p, s2p, s3p, s4p
Troff Document Markup Language txt, troff
TrueType Font Format (TTF) x-fmt/453 ttf, tte, dfont
UNIDENTIFIED [.amp files] amp
UNIDENTIFIED [Compact Disc Interactive (CDI) files: .6in, .6tx, .6r7, .6mc, .6c4] 6in, 6tx, 6r7, 6mc, 6c4
UNIDENTIFIED [.comp files] comp
UNIDENTIFIED [.gr, .graph files] gr, graph
UNIDENTIFIED [.map, .csf files] map, csf
UNIDENTIFIED (.sfx files) sfx
Universal 3D File Format fmt/702 u3d
vCard Virtual Contact File (VCF) fmt/395 (2.1 - 4.0) vcf
V File Extension v
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (WRL) fmt/93 (1.0), fmt/94 (2.0) wrl, wrz
Waveform Audio (WAVE) fmt/6 wav
Wavefront 3D Material Library (MTL) File mtl
Wavefront 3D Object Definition File (OBJ) obj
Windows Bitmap Image (BMP) fmt/119 bmp
Windows Media Audio (WMA) fmt/132
Windows Media Video (WMV) fmt/133 wmv
Wolfram Language Mathematica File m
WordPerfect Document x-fmt/44 (6.0), fmt/892 (6 onwards ), x-fmt/203 (5.2), x-fmt/394 (5.1), x-fmt/393 (5.0), fmt/949 (4.0 - 4.2) wpd, wp, mwp, pcwp, doc
Xcode Interface Builder File Format xib
ZIP Data Compression Format x-fmt/263 zip, zipx