Name: Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) Packet

Pronom: fmt/570 (XMP Packet), fmt/986 (XMP Format)

Policy Summary:

Logical Extensions: xmp

Related File Formats: Camera Image (aka, Canon Raw 1.0) File Format, Canon Raw 2.0 Image File Format , Nikon Electronic Format

File rendering profiles:

Name Status Software (Version) OS (Version) Content Types File Extensions
Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) Packet in Atom on Windows / Mac active Atom (1.25.0) Windows / Mac (7, 8, 10 / OS X 10.9 - 10.13) text/xml xmp
Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) Packet in Notepad++ on Windows active Notepad++ (7.5.4) Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10) text/xml xmp


Pronom ID Version
fmt/570 (XMP Packet) XMP Packet
fmt/986 (XMP Format) XMP Format


kgermeck - 2018-03-21

[Description & Rendering]:

Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), originally developed by Adobe Systems, is an ISO standard for embedding metadata within a variety of image, multimedia, markup language, and document–based file formats. In most cases the XMP metadata, which is wrapped within an XML packaged, is embedded during the content creation process by the software application that creates the file. However, when a file format that does not support embedded XMP metadata is created by or edited in a software application that supports XMP, an additional file (often referred to as a "sidecar" or "buddy" file) with a .xmp extension is created to hold the XMP Metadata.

.xmp "sidecar" files are commonly stored alongside the original file within the same directory and can be rendered and viewed within a standard text editor.

kgermeck - 2018-03-21

[.xmp Files in Medusa]:

At present there are 42, 999 .xmp "sidecar" files within Medusa. The majority of these files (42, 927) are located within the “Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Science Photograph File (Born Digital Records), -2015” collection— The remaining files are found within the Music Instrument Collection ( and the University Bands Collection (

Altogether, the .xmp files located within these three collections appear to correspond to files belonging to one of the three following raw digital image formats:

A) Nikon Electronic Format, .nef—
B) Canon Raw 2.0 Image File Format, .cr2—
C) Camera Image (aka, Canon Raw 1.0) File Format, .crw—

kgermeck - 2018-03-22

[Additional Info – Formats that Support Embedded XMP Metadata]:

Formats that currently support embedded XMP metadata include:

- Image formats (e.g., DNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF)
- Media and video package formats (e.g., WMA/WMV, FLV, MOV (Quick Time), MPEG-2/MPEG-4)
- Markup formats (e.g., HTML, XML)
- Document formats (e.g., PDF)
- Adobe Applications (e.g., Illustrator, Photoshop).

For a full list of XMP supported file formats please see page 9 in the document “XMP Specification Part 3: Storage in Files”:

View an example of XMP-embedded metadata for a JPEG image (provided by the XMP Wikipedia entry) here:

kgermeck - 2018-03-22

[Additional Info – Sample Medusa Files with Embedded XMP Metadata (open each in a text editor)]:

1) XMP-embedded Digital Negative Format (.dng) file—
2) XMP-embedded Portable Document Format (.pdf) file—
3) XMP-embedded Illustrator Artwork (.ai) file—

kgermeck - 2018-03-22

[Helpful Links]:

1) ISO standard 16684-1—
2) “Extensible Metadata Platform,” Wikipedia entry—
3) XMP website—
4) "Adobe XMP Developer Center"—
5) “XMP,” entry—


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