Name: PDF

Pronom: fmt/276 (1.7)

Policy Summary:

File rendering profiles:

Name Status Software (Version) OS (Version) Content Types File Extensions
PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro CC 2015 on Windows 7 active Adobe Acrobat Pro (CC 2015) Windows (7) application/pdf pdf
PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 on Windows 7 inactive Adobe Acrobat Pro (11) Windows (7) application/pdf pdf


Pronom ID Version
fmt/276 (1.7) 1.7


sdwitme2 - 2016-08-12

PDF is a document file format developed by Adobe. It has a range of profiles and subsets. Version 1.7 is the full-function standard. The 2.0 spec is currently in development [as of 2017]. Other profiles include PDF/A for long-term archival preservation, PDF/E for engineering workflows, PDF/X for pre-press graphics, and more.


Normalization Paths

Name Output Format Software Operating System