Name: Text-Based Configuration File

Pronom: x-fmt/421

Policy Summary:

Logical Extensions: cfg, conf, ini

Related File Formats:

File rendering profiles:

Name Status Software (Version) OS (Version) Content Types File Extensions
Initialization files in Microsoft wordpad on Windows 10 active Microsoft wordpad (1709) Windows (10) text/plain cfg, conf, ini, ini-development, ini-production
Initialization files in Notepad++ on Windows 10 active Notepad++ (7.5.3) Windows (10) text/plain cfg, conf, ini, ini-development, ini-production


Pronom ID Version


sdwitme2 - 2017-01-08

The INI extension is used for text-based configuration files. Files in the INI format are generated by the Windows OS to serve as settings files that contain configurations of the Windows-based computer. Also called Windows initialization files, these INI files are appended with the .ini extension and are updated whenever the user or the system makes certain changes to the original or default configurations of the Windows OS. These INI files are used by the system to incorporate into the Windows-based computer the settings and configurations found in these .ini files. As of this writing, more recent versions of the Windows OS are implemented with the function of deploying XML files to replace some of the functionalities of these .ini files as default settings files that are used to embed global-wide and user-specific configurations across the Windows OS.


Normalization Paths

Name Input Extension Output Extension Output Format Software Operating System