Name: JPEG 2000

Pronom: x-fmt/392

Policy Summary:

File rendering profiles:

Name Status Software (Version) OS (Version) Content Types File Extensions
JP2 in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 on Windows 7 active Adobe Photoshop (CC 2015) Windows (7) image/jp2 jp2
JP2 in Adobe Photoshop 14 on Windows 7 inactive Adobe Photoshop (14) Windows (7) image/jp2 jp2


Pronom ID Version


sdwitme2 - 2017-01-07

JP2 is a file format defined by the JPEG 2000 standard. Various profiles of the JP2 format can be interpreted and implemented in different ways according to the rendering environment employed. For example, Adobe Photoshop may create images in the JPX (JPEG 2000 Part 2) format which resemble JP2 images. Further work is needed to identify variations in JP2 file implementations.


Normalization Paths

Name Output Format Software Operating System