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The Sonograph, 1882 – 1892 University of Illinois Archives

Description: Copies of the Sophograph published by the sophomore class in an annual commentary on students and university life, featuring articles, poetry, cartoons, photographs, quotations describing personalities, class rolls, directories of student officers, class histories, class rivalries, athletic activities, military drill, social events, jokes and advertisements. The 1883 issue was titled The Saturnian. In 1894, the Illio replaced the Sophograph as the student annual.

Inventory of Collection - Not provided as of 1/29/2016 http://archives.library.illinois.edu/uasfa/4108806.pdf



Goal for Project Completion: Spring 2016

Cataloging \Metadata status


  • Not assessed as of 1/29/2016

Digital Preservation

  • Est. size of project is not known but it is not a large project.  Archives will ingest content into Medusa

         Timeline: - Ingest can occur once digitization are complete


  • Archon - ingest will occur within Archives

            Timeline: Spring 2016


  • Not assessed as of 1/29/2016


  • Not assessed as of 1/29/2016

File naming

  • Will follow naming convention for Arhicves
    • RS
      • Box_folder_item

Deliverables (file formats)

  • Preservation masters tif for Medusa
  • Highres/Low Res PDF for reference

Preservation Master

  • Adobe RGB
  • Resolution – 600ppi
  • Bit Depth - 16 bit
  • Pixel Array - fixed
  • disable sharpening for preservation
  • include target
  • Level/Rotate/Straighten
  • No Cropping - unless original is messy.
  • Title: The Sonograph, 1882 – 1892 University of Illinois Archives


  • Highres PDF