External id:

Manager Email: waarala2@illinois.edu

Owner Email: prom@illinois.edu

Start Date: 2016-03-01

Status: completed


Substation meteorological records comprising observations of temperature, amount and type of precipitation, predominant wind direction for volunteer-monitored weather stations throughout Illinois, taken as part of the Cooperative Observer Program from 1887 to 1948. Records for 1862-1874 for Ottawa, IL from the Smithsonian Institution's Register of Meteorological Observations are also included.

Stations reporting in at least one of the 1887-1948 volumes are listed below, as transcribed during a condition review of the volumes in 2015:


Project notes as of 12/14/2015

  • Preservation, Conservation and DCC have done some initial pilot work on this project
  • Transfer collection to Main Library Jan/Feb 2016 – store in 2Mezz till rehousing Spring 2016 (March)
  • 1 Colleciton level record for Archon for 68 vols – (Susan Braxton/Chris Prom)
  • House/Box bound volumes as is
  • Preservation/DCC will absord cost of rehousing and digitation
  • Quinn once settled Spring/Summer 2016 will start on simple content - hire hourly Summer 2016
  • Barcode in Preservation – send duplicates and list of barcodes to Archvies (Miriam)
  • 2 volumes (Ottawa) Conservation/Digitization complete
    • Rehouse (Preservation)
    • Accession to Oak Street (Preservation)
    • Make PDF accessible in Archon (Archives)
  • Transfer digital content to Archone Meudsa Ingest (Angela)
  • Digitization will proceed per volume once conservation is complete (Quinn/Angela)

Project Plan

Physcial Storage

  • Rehoused by volume
  • Permanent access to Oak Street

Cataloging status

  • 1 Collection level record Archon for 68 volumes

Directory Structure:

  • Save preservation master files/access/ files within the following structure
    • RecordSeries
      • Volume
        • tif files

File Naming

  • Name files with 8 digit padded number (ex. 00000001, 00000002, 00000003)
  • If digitization of multiple volumes happens during digitization sessions, added bibid to file name (must be removed later before ingest into Medusa) (ex. Bibid_00000001)

Digitization Equipment 

  • RCAM or BC100

Deliverables (file formats)

  • Preservation masters tif for Medusa
  • Access tif for HathiTrust
  • Access PDF

Preservation Master

  • 600 DPI
  • Fixed pixel array
  • Adobe RGB
  • 16 bit
  • Include target item level target (beginning/end of volume)
  • Crop outside page edge


  • 400 DPI
  • 3000 pixels on the long edge
  • sRGB
  • 8 bit
  • Crop outside page edge
  • Include appropriate production note/blank 


  • 300 DPI reduced size color PDF

Destination of files:

Working files 

  • \\storage.library.illinois.edu\dcc:\DCC Unprocessed Files\Historic_Illinois_Weather_Records

Preservation Master/ Access/PDF

  • Archon - \\storage.library.illinois.edu\dcc\Processed Access Files Ready for ARCHON Ingest