External id:

Manager Email: waarala2@illinois.edu

Owner Email: graykr@illinois.edu

Start Date: 2016-09-21

Status: active


Digitization of broadsides and printed ephemera from the Clarendon Van Norman Jr Collection.



Goal for Project Completion: November 2016


Cataloging \Metadata status



  • Not needed - content is in good condition

Digital Preservation

  • Est. size of project is not known but it is not a large project.  DCC will ingest content into Medusa and the Digital Library


  • Digital LIbrary/Archon

Ingest Timeline: Ingest will occurs as soon as images are digitized - access in Digital library could be delayed - DCC will work with Digital Library team to expedite this new collection.


DCC will hanlde digitiztion 


  • Ok to remove items from Mylar to scan if not too fragile to handle.

    Ok to scan multi-page items on book scanner if not too fragile.

File naming and Directory Structure

Save files to Z:\DCC Unprocessed Files\ClarendonVanNormanJrCollection_IHLC\QAqueue


  • Will follow naming convention for IHLC input into the database
    • Series number
      • series_item+number
        • Example of single image naming convention
          • 0852_0015_01
        • Ex of multi image/compound object naming convention
          • 0852_0015_01-001
          • 0852_0015_01-002


Deliverables (file formats)

  • Preservation masters tif for Medusa
  • Access tif for Digital Library and/or Archon

Preservation Master

  • Adobe RGB
  • Resolution – 600ppi
  • Bit Depth - 16 bit
  • Pixel Array - fixed
  • disable sharpening for preservation
  • include target
  • Level/Rotate/Straighten
  • No Cropping - unless original is messy.
  • Title: Clarendon Van Norman Jr Collection - IHLC


  • 400 DPI
  • 3000 pixels on the long edge
  • sRGB
  • 8 bit
  • Level/Rotate/Straighten
  • Crop - inlude page edge for archival preservation
  • Title: Clarendon Van Norman Jr Collection - IHLC


Where there are two copies of a single item that are the same, choose the best copy to digitize.

Missing item: Richly perfumed white clover honey soap leaflet (1856). This was described as "A pink leaflet advertising "Richly Perfumed White clover Honey Soap" and "manufactured by Allen B. Wrisley" in Chicago, Illinois circa 1856."  We were unable to find this folder when we looked through the boxes earlier in September.  Please keep an eye out for it.  It is about 5x7 inches in size.