External id:
Manager Email: waarala2@illinois.edu
Owner Email: trammel2@illinois.edu
Start Date: 2016-10-22
Status: completed


A collection of images, important documents from LGBT organizations on campus.




Goal for Project Completion: November 2016

Delivery of material: Approx Week of Oct 24th by Kelly Applegate. Material will be delivered in a hollinger box streamered to indiciate content to be digitized. Contnet can stay in DCCs care for duration of the digitization.

Cataloging \Metadata status

  • Archives managing finding aid for Archon – http://archives.library.illinois.edu/archon/index.php?p=collections/controlcard&id=5570&q=Lesbian


  • Not needed - content is in good condition

Digital Preservation

  • Est. size of project is not known but it is not a large project.  DCC will ingest content into Medusa and the Digital Library


  • Archon - will discuss with Kelly/Ellen/Anna

Ingest Timeline: Ingest will occurs as soon as images are digitized - access in Digital library could be delayed - DCC will work with Digital Library team to expedite this new collection.



DCC will hanlde digitiztion of all 60 images


  • No special hanlding

File naming and Directory Structure

  • Will follow naming convention for Archives
    • RS (root folder)
      • RS_Box_foldername/number_itemnumber
        • Example of single image naming convention
          • 4102046_001_GayIlliniArchivesMay73Aug75_DIFirstNotices-1975-001
        • Ex of multi image/compound object naming convention
          • 4102046_001_GayIlliniArchivesMay73Aug75_DIFirstNotices-1975-001
          • 4102046_001_GayIlliniArchivesMay73Aug75_DIFirstNotices-1975-002
          • 4102046_001_GayIlliniArchivesMay73Aug75_DIFirstNotices-1975-003

Deliverables (file formats)

  • Preservation masters tif for Medusa
  • Access tif for Digital Library and/or Archon

Preservation Master

  • Adobe RGB
  • Resolution – 600ppi
  • Bit Depth - 16 bit
  • Pixel Array - fixed
  • disable sharpening for preservation
  • include target
  • Level/Rotate/Straighten
  • No Cropping - unless original is messy.
  • Title: LGBT at UIUC - University Archives


  • 400 DPI
  • 3000 pixels on the long edge
  • sRGB
  • 8 bit
  • Level/Rotate/Straighten
  • Crop - inlude page edge for archival preservation
  • Title: LGBT at UIUC - University Archives