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Manager Email: waarala2@illinois.edu

Owner Email: bgandrsn@illinois.edu

Start Date: 2017-02-07

Status: active


Nitrate negatives that need to be digitized for preservation purposes.        



Nitrate Negative Digitization Project Plan


Nitrate Negative digitization 

Nitrate negatives that need to be digitized for preservation purposes


Timeline – Complete Summer 2017



  • Archives - Jan 30 Drop off test negatives
  • Angela - Schedule training w Jennifer and dcc staff 
  • Tricia/Bethany - setup metadata profile meeting
  • Bethany - ask Chris about digital arrangement (DL team is working on this) 
  • Archives will deliver content - every 2 to 3 weeks - 1 to 2 boxes
  • Digitization – Capture, Process, Quality Control and Ingest

Project Proposal – Initial Contact

Proposal Complete - range of RS 39/2/20 there are a few other RS - student/campus events, campus, faculty portraits


Stakeholders and Digital Projects Team Members

  • Stakeholders - Bethany Anderson, CC - Bill Maher
  • Digital Project Team – Angela Waarala, Toby Garbutt, Tricia Lampron, Jennifer Teper, Christina Kuhn, Will Schlaack, Miyuki Meyer


Main Point of Contact - Bethany Anderson - bgandrsn@illinois.edu - University Archives (for quick workflow/detailed questions)          


Project Manager – Angela Waarala –waarala2@gmail.com / Toby Garbutt -tgarbut2@illinois.edu


Volume - 3.6 cubic feet

  • Phase I - 1200-1300 negatives
  • Phase II – Quantity unknown – but smaller mostly agriculture from ACES – Archives will propose as a separate object



  • Photographic nitrate negative film  - 4 x 5 but varies


Metadata Creation/workflow

  • There is an Archon collection descriptions for several record series the negatives come from
  • Archives will create metadata for Digital Library System (some overlap with inventory metadata)
  • Tricia/Bethany will create a metadata profile for Digital Library   
  • Some negatives done have a lot of metadata   
  • Archives is adding more metadata outside of project 
  • Archives will Add fields they require for the metadata profile to add to tracking spreadsheet - DCC will extract the content


Conservation workflow/assessment

  • Jennifer will provide training for DCC staff 
  • Condition - Very brittle but not hazardous
  • No gloves are needed



Organization/Inventory Prep 

  • DCC requires an organized physical inventory that reflects the content delivered and selected for digitization.
  • Each negative is a single items they all have different titles  - RecordSeries_BoxNumber_ItemNumber_title_date-FileNumber (not always a date) date is recorded on original negative  -
  • Avoid duplicate copies whenever possible to avoid confusion if these are not candidates for imaging


Digitization and Equipment

  • DCC will use the RCAM 80 Megapixel Film Kit with a 120mm lens to great preservation master and access files for
  • ingest into Medusa and the Digital Library


Preservation workflow

  • DCC will transfer back to Archives after digitization to await disposal
  • Confirm Medusa Ingest complete before disposal
  • Preservation will safe some negatives for demonstration/examples
  • Notify Preservation if DCC sees any signs of discolor/powder – avoid light/electricity and send straight to preservation if this is found – they pose a safety issue


Digital Preservation

  • DCC staff will ingest Preservation Master tifs and JP2000 files for access into Medusa and the Digital Library
  • Digital Library team is discussing organization structure in DL.  Archives requests solution to create sub collections for different record series in the collection of negatives.  This issue is not resolved.
  • Cracking during digitization is not desired but if it occurs – digitize negatives anyway
  • Package profile for digital library – refer to https://wiki.illinois.edu/wiki/display/LibraryDigitalPreservation/Single-item+Object+Package


File naming and Directory Structure – Single Object files

  • Save files to Z:\DCC Unprocessed Files\NitrateNegativeDigitization_Archives\QAqueue
  • Will follow naming convention for Archives input into the database
    • Record Series number
    • RecordSeries_BoxNumber_ItemNumber_title_date-FileNumber (is removed during packaging)
  • Example of single image naming convention
    • 08092017_01_001_date-001

Deliverables (file formats)

  • Preservation masters tif for Medusa
  • Access JP2000 for Digital Library and/or Archon


File Specifications

Preservation Master

  • File Format - Tif
  • Color Space - Adobe RGB
  • Resolution – 600ppi
  • Bit Depth - 16 bit
  • Pixel Array – fixed
  • Preserve as a negative
  • Disable sharpening for preservation
  • Include target
  • Level/Rotate/Straighten
  • No Cropping - unless original is messy.
  • Title: Nitrate Negative Digitization - Archives


  • File Format - JP2000
  • Color Space - sRGB
  • Resolution - 400 DPI
  • Bit Depth - 8 bit
  • Pixel Array - 3000 pixels on the long edge
  • Create positive image for access
  • Allow sharpening
  • Level/Rotate/Straighten
  • Crop – include small margin if possible or crop image (refer to demo)
  • Title: Nitrate Negative Digitization - Archives