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Manager Email: waarala2@illinois.edu

Owner Email: doskey@illinois.edu

Start Date: 2017-07-10

Status: active


This collection consists of two scrapbooks of early Illinois imprints dating from the 1840s and 1850s. These scrapbooks were compiled as samples of job printing work done at the Alton Telegraph Office in southern Illinois. Materials include government and financial documents, event invitations and programs, product labels and advertising, and other printed ephemera. Approximately a hundred of the items were cited in Cecil K. Byrd’s A bibliography of Illinois imprints, 1814-58 (University of Chicago Press, 1966), but these citations represent only a small fraction of the items preserved in the scrapbooks.


The printers scrapbook is a multi-layers digitiation, conservastion and exhibition project. Viisit for project notes and inventories. https://uofi.app.box.com/folder/29634461007

Timeline and Deadlines

  1. RBML-IHLC - Pages For DS - Get 10 items (openings from Volume 1) come in DS by the July 10th Volume 1 and 2 openings for exhibit. 
  2. DS will have Volume 1 and 2 images by August 1st
  3. how will this be affected by priorities in RBML?  (Anna KAM Exhibit first) 
  1. Treatment of Volume 1 will happen after August 1st send to conservation
  1. RBML-IHLC - Get folded oversized content 3 to 5 items to Cher by Mid June  
  1. 3 to 5 -  loose content large items - Cher -cannot treat till Mid to Late July - RBML is ok with this and Quinn will be out. 
  1. Cher will have these done in September 2017 per June 14th meetings notes
  1. DS need to have all content by beginning of October back from Conservation to digitize by deadline in November
  1. DS needs to have images to RBML/IHLC by November 1 to give to designer - 3 to 5 oversized items
  1. Exhibit Install January - runs January - end date unknown mid-year reliant on the Cavagna Exhibit 
  1. DS will digitize scrapbook in entirety post exhibition - June/July 2018

Digitization Notes

DS only needs us to take images of openings, shoot recto/verso of all images  to document where things are being removed - only about 10 single page.  Humidifaction is being used by Conservation so its possible the opposite pages will be affected so we need to do both front of back of pages.

Pages are marked.

Digitization notes - be conscious of the page texture and embossing during imaging and maybe use raking light to highlight this


RBML/ARCHIVAL CONTENT ONLY - Deliverables (file formats)

Preservation Master

  • 600 DPI
  • Fixed pixel array
  • Adobe RGB
  • 16 bit
  • Crop outside page edge 1/8 to ¼ border
  • Include target item level target (beginning/end of volume or at page level


  • 400 DPI
  • 4000 pixels on the long edge
  • sRGB
  • 8 bit
  • Crop outside page edge 1/8 to ¼ border
  • Exclude target item level target


List of openings and notes for Exhibit Digitization

Volume 1

  1. 27r - discuss lifting out content without taking other things out - we should images the recto/verso of openings since when they remove them the other side could be affected to retain context of the original place of content
  2. 34r - small page insert attached to both sides so we will image recto/verso - and the adjacent left page to show context and how it was adhered to both sides
  3. 47v - photograph daguerreotype  miniatures page - recto/verso
  4. 49v - no issues
  5. 52v - pages not sitting flat over Lea Brown and Co.
  6. 53r - image front facing and inside page with raking light to get the embossment
  7. 54v - photograph overlapping and try to lift content if possible to photograph what is underneath but if damage seems possible don't do this
  8. 73r - tightly bound - shadow is possible 
  9. 77r - - no issues with this - no verso image on the other size so no need to photograph that verso
  10. 78r - shoot open and closed of oversized - photograph adjacent pages - if an easy stitch then stitch the whole oversize page -no verso image on the other size so no need to photograph that verso
  • Volume 2 
  1. 86v- nothing on the back so no need to image verso - no issues with this one.