External id: 2012

Manager Email: waarala2@illinois.edu

Owner Email: jmj@illinois.edu

Start Date: 2015-04-01

Status: completed


World War I Map Collection



World War I Maps

See project charter here - https://medusa.library.illinois.edu/projects/6

World War I Maps -  Documentation - Z:\DCC Unprocessed Files\WorldWarI_Maps\Documentation

Update the Medusa every work session with files digitized and processed.  It must be kept up to date on a daily session.

Cataloging status

All content is catologed by Map and Geography prior to digitization.  These are bound atlases from Map and Geography. Go to https://medusa.library.illinois.edu/projects/6 for the project charter and inventory for tracking

File naming

  • All files shall follow the same file naming conventions:
  • 00000001, 00000002, 00000003

Deliverables (file formats)

  • Preservation masters tif for Medusa
  • Access tif for Medusa Digital Library

Digitization Equipment - RCAM

Preservation Master

  • Adobe RGB
  • Resolution – 600ppi
  • Bit Depth - 16 bit
  • Pixel Array - fixed
  • disable sharpening for preservation
  • include target
  • Level/Rotate/Straighten
  • No Cropping - unless original is messy.
  • Title: World War I Maps – Map Library


  • sRGB
  • Resolution - 400 DPI
  • Bit Depth - 8 bit
  • Pixel Array - 4000 pixels on long edge
  • Sharpen
  • Cropping - included page edge leaving 1/8" border around page and crop out target
  • Title: World War I Maps – Map Library


Directory Structure:

Uppon completiton upload preservation master files/access files to the QAQueue - Z:\DCC Unprocessed Files\WorldWarI_Maps\QAqueue in separate directories within folder named with bibid. Each directory will contain sequential files.

Final Destination of files:

Place Preservation Masters and Access tifs here for ingest into Medusa:

\\storage.library.illinois.edu\dcc\MedusaStaging with this convention - Preservation Master files per batch (ex. date_projectname_repositoryname)