The University Library manages Medusa storage in partnership with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Medusa's storage infrastructure consists of:

  • two copies of every file, replicated across two distinct campus nodes
  • a third copy of every file backed up off-campus (currently in Amazon Glacier)


The Medusa collection registry provides collection curators with a simple, web-accessible for managing preservation actions over time. It features:

  • Forms for editing descriptive, administrative, and rights metadata associated with collections
  • Download of files or batches of files to local file servers
  • Tracking of preservation events, file provenance, and file statistics 
  • On-demand verification of file fixity (md5 checksum values) for files or batches of files, and ongoing checksum verification of all files every 90 days
  • On-demand extraction of technical metadata (using the File Information Tool Set) for files or batches of files 
  • A File Format registry with tools for elaborating file format policies and normalization paths